About Sanne

Hi there! I'm Sanne. I love mysteries. And especially, to unravel mysteries! The coolest mystery is the human brain. So I've made it my life's work to visualize the inner workings of the brain.

My PhD is focused on applying machine learning techniques to fMRI data to acquire richer information from the human brain. I've chosen the visual cortex to start decoding what people see, because we know a lot about the visual system. I've managed to visualize unique instances of handwritten characters that people looked at. From a neuroscience perspective this is not very interesting, but now I'm working on decoding the imagination of people with the method that has proven successful for perception. Hopefully this leads to beautiful new insights.


Unique to my education is my background in computer science and neuroscience. So I know about psychology, sociology and cognition, but also about programming, algorithms and statistics. So I am both a researcher and an engineer! Which is quite unique in this world and very helpful for doing great science!

- Sanne Schoenmakers